Service Level Agreement

Our service level agreement will ensure you as customers a quality experience with our services


Here at STRAWBER LUDVIGSEN ("We, Us, Our"), we offer exceptional and comprehensive virtual game server hosting to be enjoyed by customers ("You") for the benefit of themselves, the community or affiliates.

We also wish to provide that sometimes our services might be offline, unusable or interrupted due to actions outside our powers. We will compensate you for the delay caused from using the services you’ve paid for should be at fault.


Where the downtime of the purchased product exceeds more than one hour, you shall be entitled for 1% of credit on your account of the purchased price for the product to up to a limit of 10% for a total duration of downtime.

Downtime from the product shall only be that of where we are the cause of the downtime and this downtime shall exclude reasonable maintenance, assistance to you or add-on services.

The following downtime results shall not be entitled to credit:

  • Acts of God;
  • Unlawful activities by third parties, yourself or execution by government officials;
  • Where our services are subjected to outings by means of DDoS’s attacks or undue influence;
  • Over usage by yourself and exceeding the product limits;
  • Downtime caused by our service supplier, data center or actions not covered by this SLA;
  • Any outing not directly caused by us.

Last updated: 03/01/2022

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